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how to retain clients as a beauty professional

How to Retain Clients as a Beauty Professional

How to Retain Clients as a Beauty Professional 800 533 admin

In order for your business to grow, you should work on retaining your customers. Having loyal customers that come back for your services is important to keep your business afloat and to have a constant income. Here is how you can achieve that. 

First Impression Is Crucial

People tend to make assumptions based on first impressions. The first impression your client has about you will stay with them for a while. This is why you should make sure they feel welcomed and cared for. Try to smile a lot and have an open conversation with them. 

Make Sure That Your Salon Is A Stress-Free Space

If you work in a salon you should make sure that it radiates positive energy. Your clients should feel welcomed and relaxed. Focus on muted down calming colors and consider placing some magazines and candy around so that your clients can enjoy them while waiting. 

Make Next Appointment Right Away

If you book the next appointment, your client will be more likely to come back. If you don’t schedule the appointment right away your client will be less likely to forget to come back. Additionally, you decrease the risk of them going to someone else. 

Give Your Clients Consistent Quality

Once your clients get used to a certain service, they will expect it every time they come back. Make sure you are staying consistent and always offering your clients great service. Remember, they come back for the experience as well so try to always have a positive attitude and make sure your space is welcoming. 

Receive Feedback

In order to improve and stay relevant to what your customers want you should listen to them. Encourage your clients to give you feedback. Whether that’s through a survey or by you talking to them, getting their opinion on your service is important. You can’t grow if you aren’t constantly improving. 

Loyalty Program

Another great way to encourage your clients to visit more often is to have a loyalty program. Gifts or discounts are a great way to motivate your clients to keep coming back. There are numerous ways you can achieve this, for example, you can make every 10th appointment-free or offer bigger discounts for your regular customers.


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