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how to help your clients feel safe during the pandemic

How to Help Your Clients Feel Safe During the Pandemic

How to Help Your Clients Feel Safe During the Pandemic 800 533 admin

If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that hygiene is extremely important. To make your clients feel safe during these difficult times you should take some extra steps. 

Make Sure Everything Is Disinfected

Now is more important than ever to properly disinfect your tools after each customer. This will prevent the possible spread of the virus and will make your clients feel safe. You also want to make sure you are regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are often touched, like countertops and reception areas. 

Practice Good Hygiene

Wash your hands regularly and disinfect them. You should also consider wearing a mask if you are working in a close distance to your clients. Gloves are a good way to keep your hands clean. Also, make sure to avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes. Wash your hands after every client and keep your hand sanitizer close. 

Reduce the Number of Customers

Avoid having too many people in a small space at the time. Reduce the number of customers and if you have multiple customers in the salon at one time make sure they are at a safe distance. 

Remind Your Customers About the Importance of Hygiene

You should remind your customers that they should practice good hygiene as well. Have a sign that reminds them to wash their hands regularly and to disinfect before going home. Make sure that you have a supply of soap and tissues in your salon and encourage your customers to practice good hygiene by leaving hand sanitizers at the busy spots. 

Encourage Your Clients to Stay at Home If They Aren’t Feeling Well

To keep everyone safe you should encourage your clients to stay at home if they aren’t feeling well or start showing some symptoms.  You should consider revoking your cancellation fees. You don’t want sick customers coming in just because they want to avoid cancelation fees. Similarly, regularly check on yourself and don’t come to work if you aren’t feeling well.


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